A Letter Addressed to 2014, and a Note to 2015

I’ve decided that each year I will write a letter addressed to the year ending, with a small note to the year that is about to commence. Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo / Writing

NaNoWriMo in Stereotypes and Gifs || And an Exciting Announcement! (Hopefully Exciting.)

You’ve heard all your fellow writerly friends ramble about the intensity and excitement of NaNoWriMo; and now you want to try and see for yourself, just what all this hype is all about. What you had thought NaNo would be… doesn’t actually turn out the way it is. In fact… rather different. Everything can be … Continue reading

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Buzz, buzz… Updates! And advice, anyone?

1) I have (sort of) disappeared from the whole internet-sphere for a fortnight, perhaps? The reason being I’ve been extremely stressed out. I’ve been practising for the regional spelling bee, which was today, and life’s just been hectic. WORDS, WORDS, WORDS. <strike>I thought I liked words…?</strike> Anyway, there were two year levels in my competition, … Continue reading

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