Review Policy

I have been writing book reviews since I was six, and I would happily review requests from authors and publishers. Currently, I am only accepting MG and clean YA fiction.

I accept:

-Physical copies and e-books. Physical copies are much preferred, but do note that I live in New Zealand. If you would like to send me an e-book please make sure that it can be read on a tablet or computer, as I do not own an e-reader.

-Self published authors are more than welcome to contact me if your book (like any other book) is under the category which I accept.

-All MG fiction.

-Fairly clean YA in all genres other than the ones I have listed that I do not accept. These are some of the genres I enjoy the most:

  • Fantasy (especially fantasy. I love fantasy.)
  • Fairytale Retellings of any genre
  • Science Fiction
  • Contemporary
  • Mystery

I do not accept Non-Fiction, New Adult Fiction, Adult Fiction, or YA in the following genres:

  • Romance (if it is clean, send me a request and I will more than likely accept it.)
  • Horror/thriller (I will not accept most horror/thriller, but again if it is clean, you can send it in and I will decide.)
  • Gothic horror or romance
  • Graphic novels/comic books
  • Erotica


In return, I will provide an honest but fair review. If I didn’t enjoy the book, I will still highlight any positive aspects. Nothing will be directed at the author itself.  All reviews will include a rating out of five stars, relevant information, the book cover, and anything else you would like me to include.  I will post the review on my blog.  My reviews are for the most part in a conversational format that is geared at young adults and children, instead of a serious critique.


Please send any requests through contact form or my email (with the same details) if you would like me to review your book.   I will most likely be happy to accept all requests if the book is not one in the category that I do not accept. I will respond to all emails even if I for some reason decide to turn down your request. All emails will be responded to promptly- within a week at most.

Email: joyceh3111[at]gmail[dot]com

Or fill out the contact form below:


Thank you for considering/asking me to review your book!


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