A Letter Addressed to 2014, and a Note to 2015

Dear 2014,

To be honest with you, I’m not sure how I feel about you. See, you were full of good days and moments, but then mixed together with all this, it wasn’t quite that. As in, if someone asked me what I thought of you, my answer wouldn’t be straight off- good.  I feel like so much has changed during this year, and so much that will still continue to change. People say change is good, but I’ve never liked change.

There are quite a number of highlights of you, but why is it that these highlights are overshadowed by those not as welcoming memories?

I procrastinated a lot this year, but somehow I also achieved a lot, although probably not as much as I would have wanted to.

Writing wise, yes, I scrabbled out a full 100k in November during NaNo. I still haven’t opened that monstrosity of a document since November 30th. Perhaps even before then, seeing as I finished early. Or not. But my writing throughout the rest of the year has been anything but consistent, and I have a lot to work on.  Next year, my goal is simply to write every day, starting from January 1st. And perhaps stop working on so many projects at once? Wait, that probably isn’t going to happen. Heh.

Reading wise, I read quite a lot, and there sure were some great books in the jumble. I started out fantastically in recording the number that I read, reviewing, etc, but sometime about May, when I was horribly stressed, I couldn’t keep up with anything. I’ve known that I need to take that plunge and sign up to Goodreads, especially now that I’ll be reviewing books on my blog a lot more, but I don’t know what it is that’s stopping me. I guess I’m frightened, and the sad truth is that I will just shy away from the thought as time goes on. On another note, I’ve read quite a lot more YA books this year, and rediscovered my great love for fairytale retellings. *cough* However, if you’re listening, 2015, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Blogging wise, this year hasn’t been too great. But you know what? This latter part of the year, I’ve learned a lot. I’m not unhappy about this year’s blogging, despite the hiatuses and whatnot, because I’m ready for 2015, and I know what to improve on. For example, the three review copy books sent to me last week. A pleasant surprise, to say the least.

German wise, I picked up a streak for quite a while around the middle of the year-ish, and then started for a while near the end. Then the holidays begun and hectic-ness begun. Again with my writing goal, I really hope to carry my streak through 365 days. Somehow I believe I can do it, hopefully. Even if it means ending that 50XP everyday- I-do-German-hope that I have with me.

School wise, on the topic of change, I’ve been homeschooled this year- which was awesome. But sometimes this led to procrastination, which wasn’t so awesome. Well, 2015 will be a lot different in this retrospect, after getting that scholarship, I’ll be off to school again next year. I’m not quite sure what to think of it. I’ve really enjoyed homeschooling, and perhaps I’ll get a change again some other time. Again, I know what to improve on for the year of 2015.

I started writing this letter to you, 2014, unsure how I really felt about you. But now I feel like I have a bit more of a feeling of how I feel. This year’s been a good year, in many aspects. No years can be unblemished, and I think the ways you’ve been blemished, 2014, have been important. You’ve taught me many things 2014, and I think the most important thing you’ve done for me, is prepare me for 2015. I know what I need to do differently, I have a rough mindset of the goals for next year, which I will get to writing down properly before the year starts, although I probably shouldn’t have taken this long.

Also, despite some changes that weren’t very welcome in the beginning, (and still aren’t quite now, perhaps) the most important thing is I think I’ve begun to understand how to accept change. Or perhaps not- we’ll see.

Henceforth, I think I’m beginning to understand what sort of year you’ve been. A transitioning sort of year. 2014 has been a bumpy ride, but a ride nonetheless. I’m not even sure if that makes sense. Anyway, just maybe,  2015 will be a goal-fulfilling sort of year. And that’s my note for you, 2015. I know you won’t be perfect, but perhaps you will be able to kick my horrid self-esteem away.





I’ve decided that each year I will write a letter addressed to the year ending, with a small note to the year that is about to commence. Tomorrow I’ll be posting about next year’s goals. Tell me how your year has been, and what goals you have in mind next year!

Also, I had a small internet hiatus after I posted my Ella Enchanted review, so comments will be attended to ASAP. 😉

…Erg, I’m not sure if I should publish this anymore, I don’t think I’ve covered everything, but it’ll have to do. Thanks a lot, self-esteem.


20 thoughts on “A Letter Addressed to 2014, and a Note to 2015

  1. If you’re gonna be writing everyday next year, we can do word wars and whatnot! ‘Cause I may have agreed to writing 1k every day for the entire year. O_O

    Fairytale retellings! That reminds me, I have to finish The Wide-Awake Princess series…

    I think I did okay in blogging this year, but I wouldn’t know since it’s only my fist year. 😛 And not even a full one at that.


    School’s just been weird for me…it’s a little good and very bad, but the few good things meant a lot to me and the many bad things kind of wore off mostly, so it probably evens out. Pfft, who said procrastination’s not awesome?

    • Really? That’s awesome! Yes, I would definitely do those with you! Hehe, 1k? I think I’ll aim for that, but all I really want is to write every single day, so even if I only manage 1 word… No, probably at least 100. 😛

      Same here! Apart from my stupid library just loves to have the first and third of a series, eh?

      You did awesome! Your posts are brilliant. More people need to view brilliance. I need to try get more people reading and following your blog, somehow.


      Yes! That’s how I feel! *pats* Erg, it has a weird definition of awesome.

      • Yay! *plans evilly to write more than you* *will probably fail, but will try anyway*

        My library has it, but it’s closed. D:

        That would be nice. Thankee. 😀

        *shall go do German after this* *maybe*

        *pats you too* That’s very true.

      • You probably did. I think I wrote 170 yesterday? 180? Hehe. Although it WAS a busy day. GO ESCAPE, YOU DO IT.

        Erg, so’s mine. Except it doesn’t even have it! AHHAHA.


        *gets rid of the maybe for you*

        *sighs* It does.

      • That’s probably more than I managed. I have to write two thousand four hundred or something words today to make up for what I missed, oops.

        That’s evil. Well, if I get it before you do, I’ll try not to spoil anything. :3


        I’m on the next level in German now! 😀

        Mmhmm. D:

      • Aw…well, where are you stuck?

        I have it now, ‘cept from Amazon. I was peeking at it on the Amazon website with the “surprise me” button and I saw THE BIGGEST SPOILER EVER and maybe I was just seeing things or something but AAAAAHHHH…



      • Well, maybe you could just write random stuff? Like, just a short story so you’re writing at least?

        I WAS RIGHT. It wasn’t as cute as I thought it would be, though. Meh.

        *wants noodles*


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