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NaNoWriMo in Stereotypes and Gifs || And an Exciting Announcement! (Hopefully Exciting.)

You’ve heard all your fellow writerly friends ramble about the intensity and excitement of NaNoWriMo; and now you want to try and see for yourself, just what all this hype is all about. What you had thought NaNo would be… doesn’t actually turn out the way it is. In fact… rather different.

Everything can be stereotyped, it seems, even NaNo.

Stereotype 1: NaNoWriMo is hard, and you must be absolutely insane to an unthinkable point to try it.

Ahhhh! This is going to be super hard. I must be soooo crazy, if I’m going to do this! I must be highly motivated! After all who writes a novel in only one month? That’s crazy! I have to write 1667 words to reach 50,000 words in one month! I need to get awarded for it, if I do!


In Reality: I’m sorry to break it to you, but there are overachievers out there who’ve hit 100k, and some even more. There are overachievers out there that can write more than 10k in one day, and finish NaNo in less than one week.

It’s actually pure truth.

Stereotype 2: I’m going to be way too busy to fit writing into my life!

Gah! I have no time at all! How am I suppose to fit writing almost 2000 words into my busy schedule? That’s impossible. I won’t even have time to read! November’s such a busy month for me!

In Reality: I have time now, but I don’t want to write. Much rather catch up on my TV show, or read. No, I don’t feel like writing now. I just need to take a break from writing… although I’ve written nothing, so far.

Stereotype 3: Procrastination shouldn’t be a problem, I’m highly self motivated, and amazing at time management.

In Reality: Stereotype 4: Even if I don’t write in the day because of school/work/something else, I can still write all night!

In Reality: I am way too tired to write. I’ll write tomorrow, sleep now.

Sleep is very important… even if I haven’t written anything, and my characters are calling for me in my dreams.

Stereotype 5: At the end of NaNo I will finish the book and I’ll be able to send it into a publisher, and it’ll get published!

My book should be in book stores in no time!

In Reality: Edit, edit, rewrite… it’ll be like the process of any other book. (If it even gets to that stage…)

Most of what you wrote probably didn’t even make any sense.

Stereotype 6: NaNo is the only time you write novels.

After all, who even writes when it ain’t NaNo?

In Reality: Erm… novel writing isn’t just restricted to NaNo. Chances are if you only write during November… well.

Stereotype 7: When I finish NaNo (or hit your word count), I’ll celebrate immensely!

It’s an occasion to celebrate and remember!

In Reality: Oh, hey, look. My word count’s telling me I hit 50k. Huh…


So there it is! NaNoWriMo told in stereotypes and gifs. I had a lot of fun writing this post and searching for the right gifs (although obviously there were times of frustration when I couldn’t find that perfect gif, hehe.) Maybe some other time, I’ll do a stereotypes post for writing in general.

Tell me what you think of this post, whether you agree or disagree, and some of your stereotypes for NaNo and writing in general!

Announcement time! I’ve scheduled this post for December 1st (so by 2015, things will hopefully be running smoothly), because starting then, I’ll be changing things up in my blog a little. For starters, I’ll be posting a lot more. I won’t be following a strict schedule, but there will be multiple posts in a week. I won’t be just rambling (though I’m afraid you haven’t gotten away from my doing that), but I’ll be doing more fun posts like this one, (hooopppefuullly fun), book reviews, and more things about writing that’s not centered around my troubles- but how you all can connect with it as well. I’m excited, and hopefully you all are as well. Although I get the feeling that I’m talking to myself.


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