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NaNoWriMo 2014: 50k in Nine Days, 100k in 29 Days

I’ve neglected my blog all month. I had planned on doing an informative post each week, but instead I spent that time either writing my novel, or procrastinating… probably the latter.

Anyway. After the first week, writing 10k on day one, and around 40k in total, I had made a decision from the quality of my writing. It was even more horrible than the usual. The Right Words had all decided to run away from me, it seemed. Hence, I started not caring about the quality of the writing, and just write, write, and you guessed it. Write. I managed to crack 5k all the days apart from three days- (with word counts of 10k, 4k, and 2k).

Week two didn’t go quite as smooth. I had quite a few days of not writing anything, and in the end, I didn’t even manage half the amount of what I wrote in week one. Call it Week Two Slumps, call it whatever; I think the main reason was because by then, with 50k already under my belt, I knew I could reach my goal and I didn’t feel the challenge or pressure of not reaching it. Even though right from the beginning my goal had secretly been 100,000. I reached 60k at the end of the week.

Week three was similar to week two, but at least near the end of the week I wrote more, feeling a slight amount of pressure from wanting to reach 100k. And so I managed to reach 80k by Sunday.

And then this week! I wrote 10k from Monday-Friday. (Which means a couple of days of writing, the rest of nothing.) Then yesterday, Saturday, I managed another 10k day.

So that’s three 10k days this month.

However, yes, I did write 100k, but to be honest, pretty much everything needs to be rewritten. At 100k, my novel isn’t finished- and it isn’t meant to be something as long as Way of Kings. (Come to think of it, it’s only something like one quarter of it!) The reason is that before I was worried my story wouldn’t be able to be stretched out as long, and action only starts at around 30k. Heh, I’ve learnt that I really shouldn’t drag things out on purpose. Another reason is that along the way, I added more plot twists that influenced the story greatly, in story and in length.

Which means I need to rewrite pretty much everything, and finish the story.

Surprisingly though, I don’t feel burnt out, and I actually can’t wait to edit it. Perhaps it’s so bad that I ever so desperately need to change it. Yes, I believe that that must be the sad case.

Another thing, my writing speed improved greatly.

Before, I can write about 1000 words in half an hour. Now I can write it in twenty minutes. I think the reason is mainly due to me repeating myself and completely letting the plot run loose, but also because of the amount of Wars I’ve done. Let me tell you one thing: Word Warring helps you type a lot faster, especially if you’re competitive like me. Although I’ll admit Shim and I had some Wars to see who could write less. It may not have been intentional, though…

In December and January, I’ll be rewriting, and I might post some excerpts if my self-esteem co-operates.

Word Count Stats 2014

The stats page put me off greatly for a moment yesterday, when 100k was no longer the top word count on the page, and changed to 125k.

Despite my writing being at an all time low quality this month, I’ve learnt a lot as an author, and I’ll be posting about some of those things soon. And also, despite everything, I still hit 100k! I only validated yesterday, instead of when I hit my goal of 80k, as I wouldn’t feel like a winner if I had. It felt quite satisfying.

It still wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it could have been, though. 😛


21 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2014: 50k in Nine Days, 100k in 29 Days

  1. Ha! I was just about to say that I’m pretty sure Way of Kings is a lot more than a 100k. I honestly don’t know how Sanderson does it…sheesh. And I think Words of Radience was even longer!

    By the way, we never found out who won those “Lesser Wars”, did we? Hehe, not that it matters.

    Anyway, good post, Lime. (Ha, see! Hehe.) Maybe I should do a post like this as well tomorrow…

    • Ahaha, yup. I know! I finally managed to get my hands on a copy.

      Hmm, no. I have the funny feeling that they’ll be a lot more of those in the future. >_<

      Hehe, thank you, Shim. (Yes, yes, I see.) Mm, you should! 😀

      • Really? Awesome. Though, I’m not sure that that’s necessarily the best book to start with Sanderson’s… I would have recommended Mistborn or Steelheart first.

        Heheh, that’s very likely.


        I think I shall. I should probably finish first.

      • Yeah? Perhaps I should find them, then. What about the Alcatraz series?

        *snods* 😀

        Hehe, yes. Have you written anything today? I haven’t been on NaNo, and I probably should be doing school right now.

      • Alcatraz is good, but only if you keep in mind that it’s written in a different style than what Sanderson normally writes in. And it’s for a younger audience, I think. Mistborn has got to be my favorite, though.

        As of this very moment, I’ve written 339 words. I’m at 97k, though… and I’m really close to finishing the story up. Like, too close to finishing. I need to go through and add more words somewhere else, I think, to make it to 100…

      • You should! Not that you shouldn’t read Way of Kings, though. It’s just……ginormous.

        Hehe, I think the hug that their last scene ended with is better than a sandwich. And Kalvias can’t get Cim a sandwich, either, because he fell asleep. And Ereinne is too busy to get one. Ooh, I know! Saelas and Tiri can go get sandwiches. *nods*

      • Very. Right, I think I will.

        Hehe, yeah? Alright then. *snods* I haven’t read about them yet so I don’t know about them much. Other than Tiri causes you a lot of trouble.

        Oh, and you could always wake Kalvias up. That will stretch it out even more, no?

      • Okay, hehe.

        Yeah. Tiri is a huge pain. I was hoping I could get rid of her in book two, but this weird plot twist says otherwise… I’ll have to make her more fun.

        Ahhh… Kalvias is already dragged out too much—more than the others. I think he has like as many chapters as the other characters do combined. *facepalm* I’m not at 489 words, but I think I finished the novel. Ish. This ending is weird.

      • *gets to go to the library today*

        *snods* Well, Eelesia’s not only flat, but her story is, as well. That’s what I meant.

        To be honest, I don’t even know what sort of ending I’m satisfied with. You know? They all seem weird or unsatisfying or something.

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