‘Twas the Night Before NaNo and Kiwi is Rambling as Per Usual

‘Twas the night before NaNo 2014, and I am shivering. Literally. No, no, I did not just misuse the word. It’s supposed to be Spring already, but heh. More Like False Spring for the first few days of September.

This year I’m writing a fairytale retelling, with a goal of 80k words. About Monday I figured out the details to the plot, gave my main character a character arc, and as I like to call it, did some ‘Kingdom and Queendom building.’; although the map I’d drawn seems to be lost. I’ve left some things hanging- being the discovery writer that I am I’m not much for figuring out all the finer details.


Yes! You heard me! A fairytale retelling! Even more the reason to have Disney gifs!

I haven’t yet found a stand in Queen to be Queen of the Procrasti Nation, and I don’t think I quite have enough time to, so I will have to just abandon my duties, and write to achieve the greater good; whatever that may be.

Despite my month long blogging hiatus, this month has been one of the best months in terms of writing wise. (Not the actual writing part, but the many things I’ve learned this month, per se.) I’ve learned a great deal about writing in particularly about back story, thanks to Liam’s blog- new and old posts and Shim who has been more helpful than she imagines, I shall think.

Anyway. NaNo. Here’s to hoping that our minor characters won’t sound like flat pancakes and play follow the leader all the time; and that the dialogue between our characters doesn’t sound like programmed robots talking. Hehe.

Like I said, my overall goal for the month is 80,000 words; and I’m hoping to write about 10k tomorrow and at least 5k on Sunday- because it is a weekend; and spirits are always high at the beginning of the month. I’ll be doing a rambly post weekly, with word count updates and that sort of thing.

What else to say? Normally people post advice and that sort of thing before NaNo, but what everyone says is pretty much the same.

 Plan, outline, get to know your characters. World-build. Word War a lot, because that’s what gets words down. Write with others, don’t get distracted (turn off/ignore any distractions.) Oh, and have fun. Be ready for plot holes, plot bunnies, and Writer’s Block. Fight them off with your sword and any dragons that may side with you. Take breaks. Don’t let finding the  Right Word slow you down- this is NaNo! Getting words down is all that matters! Edit later! Oh, and did I mention have fun? You have to have fun while you’re at it!

No, that was literally not me being sarcastic! So maybe that was a misuse of the word, and I admit committing to the horrifying crime.


But, hehe, do do all of those things. 😛


I’m sorry for being the thing that just wouldn’t shut up.

I’ll be writing this time tomorrow, just like I am now. Only different. Good luck to you! And of course me. 🙂


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