The Lack of Enthusiasm for Writing as You Grow Older

~Somewhat pointless rant~

I talked about a short story competition I helped organise last week (or rather just before as this is a scheduled post). The group (which is made up of other kids and a librarian) who helped me organise this with the library and I judged the under 10 category. In total we received 155 entries, and raised almost 200 dollars. The category we had the most entries in, was the under 10 category. Over half the entries were from the under 10’s. Forty something were from the 11-13’s and around 20 were from the 14-18’s.

Apart from a couple of class projects, they were all from individuals. There were many five year olds writing about their pets or a holiday. We  had one brilliant story about a wolf-dragon-snake animal and his adventure by and 8 year old that exceeded the word limit by far but what, simply put, amazing. For an eight year old in the very least. We even had one little girl copy a series of books’ story line apart from changing the names. Sadly we had to disqualify both of these.

However, my point isn’t actually how wonderful it is for little kids to be writing, even though, it is wonderful or that we should read the conditions of entry for competitions. What I’m trying to say is how the older the age group were, the less entries we received. It could be for the 14-18’s that it’s around exam season, but that’s hardly a proper excuse.

For most children, it seems,writing is their worst subject. However that doesn’t seem to be the case for the younger kids.  So why is it that most teens don’t like writing, or even reading for that matter? Perhaps in many schools writing can be made tedious- almost like maths? Maybe it’s due to the reign of the internet?

Whatever the case, it seems that it is significantly obvious that most teens are less enthusiastic about writing than little kids. And I wish that wasn’t true, because the teens who do write as a hobby- are amazing.

~End of Rant~



3 thoughts on “The Lack of Enthusiasm for Writing as You Grow Older

  1. Here’s my guess. For one, younger kids don’t really care about the quality of the story as much. They just want to write it—and they’ll probably think it’s brilliant, and for their age, it is. I mean, my nine year old sister wrote a story for NaNo last year, and it was pretty much one gigantic paragraph…of just dialogue. For her age, it was brilliant. However, when you get older, it’s expected that you write a better story and have better grammar and all that, which means—guess what? It’s more work! I mean, if I wrote a 1k story of all dialogue that was practically just one sentence, nobody’d think it’d be very good, right? So it’s more work, and who wants to do more work?

    Secondly, I think younger kids are usually the ones with the more vivid imaginations. I mean, like that little boy, my sister used to come up with stories about cat-wolf-dragon-snakes. Or cat-horse-dragons. Or cat-dragon-horse-wolf-snake-unicorns. And so on. But when older kids start imagining, we’re just told something like, “Get your head out of the clouds.”

    That’s my thoughts on the matter. Dunno if there’s anything to them, since they’re really just theories, but, yeah.

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