Why, I’m Your Doppelgänger! Teens Can Write Too! August 2014 Blog Chain


This month’s prompt is:

What characters are you most like?

And yes, this is actually my first time participating in the chain. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, but in previous months I’ve always been too busy or too scared. Anyway, here I am doing it! Today, I will be letting all of you in on my secret: my doppelgängers. Without further ado…

1. Neverfell from A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge 

Frances Hardinge is one of my favourite authors. A Face Like Glass is my favourite work of hers. Neverfell is one of my favourite characters. Neverfell’s  intelligent, special, quirky, and a natural leader. (Except I come off bossy while she doesn’t.)  She comes off shy, and is at first, but when the time calls for it, she can be loud. I feel a face like glasslike I’m talking about myself! She also has a hint of self doubt- when Grandible would make her wear a mask while meeting other people, she worried that it was because she was extremely ugly (while it wasn’t); and I have low self esteem.

2. Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables Series by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Well, more like Anne in the first couple of books. Fierce, hot tempered Anne. I never read the last couple of books, but later on she seemed, I don’t know, less fierce I guess? Anyway, I have a short temper. I do get angry rather easily, much to everyone’s dismay. And I love Anne’s personality and character. She has a witty sense of humour, which people say I have, but I’m not too sure myself. She also has an amazing imagination! Which again, I seem to have. People also always seem to have high expectations towards Anne- starting off when Marilla and Matthew expected a boy. (Not that she could help that. :P) I guess I’m different to most people, and not what you normally would expect.Anyway, she’s an awesome character that I can relate to.

3.  John Watson from The Sherlock Holmes Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle

It takes me a while to finally understand something, even though when I understand it, I understand it suddenly and fully. I also always happen to be the ‘sidekick’ of my friends, and tend to be in the shadows most of the time. Though I do have my light bulb moments like Watson!

4.  Ron Weasley from The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

Why I’m like Watson as well. Even though I don’t think I would be quite as brave as Ron, though he is often overshadowed by Harry. He’s also quirky, funny, and awesome. Like me.

From what I think of myself, these are the characters I relate most with. Would you agree? 😀

5th – http:// semilegacy.blogspot.com/

6th – http://thelittleenginethatcouldnt.wordpress.com/

7th – http://nasrielsfanfics.wordpress.com/

8th – http://sammitalk.wordpress.com/

9th – http://musingsfromnevillesnavel.wordpress.com/

10th – http://irisbloomsblog.wordpress.com/

11th – http://www.brookeharrison.com/

12th – http://miriamjoywrites.com/

13th – http://uniquelyanonymous.wordpress.com/

14th – http://erinkenobi2893.wordpress.com/

15th – http://novelexemplar.wordpress.com/

16th – http://nutfreenerd.wordpress.com/

17th – http://unikkelyfe.wordpress.com/

18th – http://writers-place-for-you.blogspot.de/

19th – http://roomble.wordpress.com/

20th – https://taratherese.wordpress.com/

21st – http://thependanttrilogy.wordpress.com/

22nd – http://freeasagirlwithwings.wordpress.com/

23rd – http://butterfliesoftheimagination.wordpress.com/

24th – http://theweirdystation.wordpress.com/

25th – http://teenageink.wordpress.com/

26th – http://www.adventuringthroughpages.wordpress.com/

27th – http://randommorbidinsanity.blogspot.com/

28th – http://missalexandrinabrant.wordpress.com/

29th – https://dynamicramblings.wordpress.com/

and http://thelonglifeofalifelongfangirl.wordpress.com/

30th – http://fantasiesofapockethuman.blogspot.com/

and http://www.turtlesinmysoup.blogspot.com/

31st – http://theedfiles.blogspot.com/

and http://teenscanwritetoo.wordpress.com/ (We’ll announce the topic for September’s chain!)

(Also, I scheduled this post for the morning of the 30th NZ time because I’m almost a day ahead of you all… if you see this on the 29th can you please tell me so I know in the future that it will be okay to schedule for the day after. Or post on the day after.)


5 thoughts on “Why, I’m Your Doppelgänger! Teens Can Write Too! August 2014 Blog Chain

  1. Of those characters, I know Ron Weasley and John Watson, and both are awesome characters! I just hope you don’t secretly house your best friend’s dad’s ex-friend in rodent form in your bedroom…

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