Sorting Things Out, Procrastination, and my friend Shim

Long title huh? Well this will be a short post in return.

This week, is Sorting Things Out Week or rather Operation S.T.O. (Yes, it is indeed a huge mission. I like calling it that. Rather than just ‘I have to sort a lot of stuff out.) I have a list of things to sort out, heh, and what makes thing better is that it’s still the holidays! Though that sort of defeats the point seeing as it seems as I’ve been doing more than I do on school days. Hmph.

Operation S.T.O, however, brings me also onto the topic of procrastination. Er, the reason being I’m going to procrastinate from other things in order to sort the harder to sort out things first….if that makes any sense whatsoever? This means, blog comments, emails, and checking back into NaNo will have to be postponed… *coughcoughI’mlookingatyouShimseeingasyourtheonlyonethatcommentsandemailsmewhoreadsthebloganywayIknowthismustseemreallyrudebutpleaseunderstandIjusthavetohaveoneweek*

But that is not the only reason Shim gets a third or more of a post dedicated to her! The other day she posted about The Importance of Writing Every Day. This made something finally click in my mind. I. Must. Write. Every. Day. Or most days anyway. Already making excuses huh? And in the comments, Shim said she wrote 600 words that day. So I made that my goal. Write 600 words each day.

Hence, I’m deleting those WIP bars. They’re just embarrassing myself and making me feel guilty. Instead, once I get around to doing this anyway, I’m ‘copying’ Shim with her, ‘Consecutive days of writing completed’ bar.

Though I’m going to need you, Shim to hold me accountable, instead of vice-versa. Though this might only happen after Operation S.T.O. πŸ˜›



5 thoughts on “Sorting Things Out, Procrastination, and my friend Shim

  1. Oooh, Operation S.T.O. I likey. πŸ˜€

    Don’t worry about the email, though, honestly. I can wait, I promise! It’ll just give me more time to figure out what I’m doing to those poor charries in the RP.

    Yay! I’ve never had a post dedicated to me before… This is exciting! πŸ˜€ So does that mean I have permission to bug you about writing everyday? Muahaha… just kidding. πŸ˜›

    Anyway, good luck. With Operation S.T.O. and with the 600 word goal. You can do it, Kiwi!

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