Old Posts & Procrastinating

Right. Kiwi here is very embarrassed. About. Her. Old. Posts. Her old blog is even worse. She doesn’t know what to say, and is writing in third person in hope of some magic happening and the old posts would vanish. Or turn better. Not that her recent posts are any better, but the old posts are just plain stupid.

Kiwi doesn’t really have any more to say.

Apart from that she, really, is just writing this boring post due to currently procrastinating. About many, many, many things that I am sure you do not want to hear about again.

So I guess.

This is.

The End.

Of a very, short, boring post. Talking about short boring posts, I might just add that my old posts weren’t just boring posts (like they are now) but also very, very short. Like this one perhaps. At least they weren’t very rambly. Or ranty. Well actually they were. Just not long. Which may or may not be a good thing.

Kiwi has somehow managed to change which person she was writing in, and then back again.

How lovely.

How lovely indeed.

And if any random likers like this post Kiwi will be very mad. This is not a matter to be liking.

Thank you for listening. Or rather reading. Like I always used to point out in my old posts.

Kiwi just changed tense again.

She also apologises for this weird format, and talking.

But oh well.


6 thoughts on “Old Posts & Procrastinating

  1. *cough* When I revamped my art blog, I took all of the posts I was embarrassed by and made them private. *facepalm* Granted, those are a little different, since it was the drawings on them that I was embarrassed by.
    I’m tempted to do the same to my writing blog, but….then there’d be like only ONE post still there. If even that. *sigh*

    *is tempted to like the post just because* *resists temptation*

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