Sorting Things Out… Or rather the lack of doing it

*not edited or proof read or anything.*

I really need to sort things out. I was starting to abandon my blog, there’s been a lack of writing or any ideas, outlining, or anything, and I’m just stressed out. Completely. I have so many things I want to do, resulting in not doing all the things, and the ones that I do, I don’t do them to the best I can.

Some of this is mainly because of school. I’m trying to cram too much work in. I’m a Year Eight (NZ), and I want to finish learning up to Year Eleven’s worth of maths. I know. It’s crazy. And impossible. And then there’s science, which I’m falling behind in, English that I somehow can not get my head around to, and just GAH.

There’s also all the commitments. I have piano. I have gymnastics. I have guitar which I have been putting off learning. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s still frustrating.

And then there are my hobbies- which ironically, seem to be the biggest cause of my stress. Writing. Reading. It’s all just a huge mess. I can’t get my head around to anything, and I really need to sort things out, like I said. Then there’s blogging. Here I go, again, ranting my head off. (And no, I still haven’t gotten around to posting last month’s Monthly Reading Summary, and it’s almost time to do this month’s. Not that there’s much to write about with me not having the time or motivation to read anything.) And book reviews as well, I need to get those done.

Oh right, and on the topic of writing amongst other things, I’ve given up on Camp. Completely. Also, I’ve always believed that I was a discovery writer, but Shim reckons that I should outline. Come to think of it, she’s probably the only one who even reads these posts.  The thing is, I don’t really know how to, er, not properly anyway. I’ve never done much outlining. Hence, me not writing anything, and staring at a blank Scrivener screen, or wait, not even opening up Scrivener. (Oh yes, and there’s that long Scrivener tutorial I’ve been putting off going through properly.) Hmph. It’s not exactly writer’s block either… or come to think of it, is it?

Everything’s a mess. I think you get that.

Oh right, and on top of that, I’ve found myself a job, delivering circulars. It starts in one week. Twice each week. What was I thinking?

Call it procrastination, call it stress, call it laziness, call it whatever. I just need to sort things out. But I don’t know how. Eek.



5 thoughts on “Sorting Things Out… Or rather the lack of doing it

  1. Let life inspire you and you’ll never run out of ideas! Everytime I think I’m running low, anything from a song or show can give me inspiration. p.s. the novel word tracker on the side of your blog is cool, goodluck with it!

  2. HA, SEE! I’m not the only person who reads your posts! 😛

    Anyway. This is kind of awkward but….is there any way I can help with all of that crazy school stuff? I’m in tenth grade, and I don’t know how that converts to the NZ school system, but…I think it’s probably somewhat similar? If you’re twelve, then I think that would typically seventh grade in the American system? Gah, something like that. Anyway, if I could help with anything, I’d love to do so. I’m pretty good at math (so far) and English, it depends. I’m good with grammar! Not so much with literature, though. Gosh, now I’m rambling. You get my point, through, right?

    Anyway. Outlining. Honestly, I didn’t even know how to outline, either, and anytime I tried to look it up, everything would say, “Everyone does it differently, so do it however you like.” Great. Real helpful. Scrivener really helped. Like, there’s a “corkboard” and a “outline” setting, and I use the outline setting. You can get to them with the little buttons where it says “group mode”. What I do is go to the outlining mode, and mess with the settings so that a synopsis for each file/folder shows up (because you can set synopsis for each, which you can see in the Inspector thingy). Then I’ll create folders that are called something like “Inciting Incident” and “Rising Action” and “Climax” and so on. Then in those folder’s synopsis’s, I’ll put a summary of what I want to happen. So, like, for example in Half-Cursed, it says something like, for the beginning, “Azeth decides to run away, meets Syri, and they run into Seph & Leriel”. Et cetera. And then in each of those folders, I’ll create more folders for each chapter and/or each event and put the synopsis of each. So, like, “Raziel goes out into the sunlight and get sick; he finds Azeth and passes out” or whatever. (No that doesn’t quite happen like that, it was an arbitrary example…. sort of. 😛 ) That way, it kind of looks like an outline, and I can move stuff around and see everything and such. Y’know?

    Hey, I know…. Maybe I can make an “example” file for Scrivener showing you how I organize everything and all that, and email it to you, and you can see? And hopefully it’ll be quicker to go through than the tutorial. 😛

    Also….oh, what was I going to say again? *glares at long comment* Anyhow, this is probably one of the longest comments I’ve ever written, and I can’t remember what else I was going to say, so I guess I’ll stop it now. But honestly, Kiwi, if you need my help with anything, just ask, and I’ll help you out however I can. Honest. 🙂


    • *facepalm* I only just saw your comment.

      But,see you’re the only person who comments such a long helpful comment! 😛

      Anyway, seriously Shim, that would be awesome. I’m fairly sure that Year Eight would be seventh grade. That’s pretty much the same as me, except I really can’t get my head around to Geometry, heh. It would be awesome if you could, I don’t know help somehow, but really you don’t have to… I would love some help though. 😀

      Hehe right. That’s quite cool, I shall investigate. Thank goodness you didn’t spoil anything. 😛

      Hey, that would be awesome! Any synonyms? 😛 I mean, I really don’t want you to have to spend such a long time on helping though, I mean, really, you’re awesome, and that’s the worst word to use.

      Oh, but seriously Shim, I can’t thank you enough. Enough with the cheese, but really thank you, you don’t have to be helping!

      Oh also, about schedules, do you have any idea on how to make one that will stop me from procrastinating but still be flexible-ish?
      Anyway, I’d better email you. *checks if you’ve replied yet* *facepalm* *missed the email again*

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