Agonizing Names

Some of you may know that I’ve changed my blog name… a lot. About three or four times in the space of less than a year of having this blog. I started off with dynamic ramblings, and while I did like it, it.. seemed more of a sub title, as it is now. So I added another two words to the end, making it dynamic ramblings and luminescent rants. I was proud of coming up with that… but then I thought no, although a lot of my posts (including this one) are of me rambling and ranting about something, not all of them are, and it didn’t quite fit my blog. But it was perfect for my sub titley name thingy.

Anyway, in the rush of things then, I named my blog again, this time the name I have now, Aspiring Words. Yeah I like it, I guess. But then I don’t. Call me fussy, call me picky, call me whatever. I wanted, I needed a new name. I wish I could have just stuck with one unique perfect name from the very beginning, something easy to remember, unique, witty.. like most the blogs I follow. (No, I did not follow them just for the blog name, hehe.) And I’m like this not only with me naming this blog, also naming characters, thinking up usernames… it does my head in thinking up something just right.

I spent a lot of this afternoon thinking and searching and wracking my brain for ideas. I used the unreliable Google Translate in hope of finding something cool in another language… Now, I’ve come up with a few names, I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with them, but one thing’s for sure, I am not going to rush off and change it immediately. But I’ll tell you what I have come up with, and please comment on what you like better/best, or ideas.

  • Paper Shadows or Paper Silhouettes
  • Shadows of Words or Silhouettes of Words (or something along those lines)
  • Bottled Words. (Kinda like Bottled Water? Heh.)
  • Words in the distance (eh. I dunno.)
  • Stories can’t shine without words. (like stars can’t shine without darkness?)
  • Too Busy Having No Ideas. (Hehe, I dunno.)
  • Words Unsaid or Unsaid Words.
  • Ripped Out Pages. (I quite like this one. Yes, I do indeed. )

And that is, my friends, everything. πŸ˜€



15 thoughts on “Agonizing Names

  1. I like “Bottled Words”. I understand you dilemma, I sat for hours trying to find a suitable name for my blog. And the names for my characters are pretty much the same from book to book.

  2. Okay, why didn’t I talk to you when I was trying to come up with my blog title? I love those titles. *is also not very happy with her own blog title, but has no clue what to change it to*

    Paper Shadows and Paper Silhouettes sound very interesting, and if you don’t use one of them, I kinda want to ask if I could use them for something, whether blog title or even book title… Same with Shadows of Words and Silhouettes of Words. They just sound awesome. Bottled Words sounds really cool, though. Words in the Distance sounds…like it’s missing something. I’m not sure what, but it just feels a little flat. Stories can’t Shine Without Words is…interesting. Not sure what I think of it, and same with the one after it. Words Unsaid kind of sounds poetic to me. In a good way. And Ripped Out Pages just has this….feel to it. I dunno how to describe it, but it also sounds really cool. I suppose it also has a poetic feel to it, sort of.

    I’m not sure if that helped at all… heh.

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