Pesky First Chapters

It’s been about a month since I first had the idea and started my modern fantasyish Wrimo novel. Most the characters consist of Wrimos, and based off them, although the story itself has no connection to NaNo.

So I had wrote a short prologue, a little note introducing the Narrator, (this is my first novel that I’m writing with a narrator,) and my first chapter. I didn’t finish chapter one until a few days ago, when I finally came back to it after a couple of weeks of not having any idea of any sort on how to finish it. I procrastinated, and I was indeed annoyed with myself. I didn’t plan any more than some of the characters and the very very basic plot and setting, and bam, fell into a plot hole. Right in chapter one. When I finally finished it yesterday, I wasn’t entirely happy with it.

Shim read it, and gave me lots of feedback that I appreciate greatly. Today I’ve started rewriting most of chapter one, and finished, edited it once, and I guess while I’m not overjoyed with it, I’m happy. I also reworded and changed the note, and a little of the prologue, though now I’m not entirely sure if I need it. But I like prologues! Hehe, anyway, at least at the moment, I guess I’m a happyish person.

Anyway, the point of this post, was to catch up with post a week, was not that in strike, because really it’s not much of a point is it? Well anyway, I came here thinking I would write a post about how first chapters were very hard to write… So I think I’ll elaborate on that a little bit more.

Okay, so I think, that chapter one, is probably one of the hardest chapters to write. Or it can be the easiest. Being the hardest means that it may take you forever to have a first chapter you’re happy with, being the easiest means that you probably like it a lot…but then when it comes to writing chapter two.. you’re stuck.

This is how it is with me most the time, though I’m sure many people might have no trouble at all, and if you do have trouble, my advice: Though it’s fine if you don’t follow it, any sensible person wouldn’t. Just leave it. Maybe write something else. When you’re ready, you’re ready. If you force it, in the end you could end up throwing it all away. Write something else, or not, give it a break. Now I understand sometimes a break helps a lot, and sometimes it doesn’t. You should know which suits the scenario, so don’t listen to any old advice especially mine telling you to: CARRY ON! Or: LEAVE IT. It’s up to you to decide. 😀

I understand that this is a rather pointless post, but oh well. 😀


8 thoughts on “Pesky First Chapters

  1. Me writing first chapters: And so, they all ate lunch and… Wait, wait a minute, that sounds so boring! I need a better first sentence. How about…. Lunch was simple, consisting of… No, still boring. Maybe a synonym for “simple” is in order. Lunch was uncomplicated, insisting of… Wait, what were they eating again? I can’t remember anymore! Oh well. Lunch was uncomplicated, consisting of somefoodthingI’lldecidelater. Much better. Except…why am I starting off with them eating? That’s still really boring. Maybe… No, you know what, whatever. Who cares if I get the first sentence right in the first draft. I can save that for draft two. Just keep writing. Lunch was uncomplicated, consisting of somefoodthingI’lldecidelater. They ate it quickly, sitting in the bright, afternoon sun. Blah blah, boring descriptions here, let’s just skip to the dialogue. “So,” one of them said…

    It’s very rare if my thought process doesn’t follow something like that when I write first chapters or prologues. And no, I don’t believe I’ve as of yet started a story off discussing lunch, but who knows? Maybe I will in the future. Hehe.

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