Hidden Motivation

…Now how to begin? Well, let me tell you a short story first.

Once upon a time in the 21st century heheh, there were two girls- typical best friends. One of them, J, was a Wrimo, an aspiring young writer who can’t stop rambling when she starts. The other, T, also likes writing, and after J told her a little about NaNoWriMo, and the novels she had written… She became jealous. Or so it seemed to J. Next thing J knew, all T started talking about was her new novel, how much pages it had. And T asked about how much words J’s novel had. T reckoned she had more. She didn’t. She had about two chapters of all of J’s novel. This happened about a year ago. A year or so later, T started talking about her new novel and how much better it was than her old one. She bragged about this novel which she hadn’t even started, saying that when she reached 200 pages- which would be very soon, her dad would put it onto Amazon, and sell it. This annoyed J. Along with the fact T had already started telling everyone she knew to look out for her to be amazing novel… T couldn’t stop teasing J about how amazing this book would be, and asking if she had continued writing, or given up... The thing is, J had recently lost motivation, and couldn’t write. She felt even worse after T’s comments.

J is me. T is my real life ‘best friend.’ Well. Turns out Ms Motivation had not gone on a holiday, but instead got herself lost. And I had to find her, and how did I catch a clue of where she had gone? My friend T. ‘Course I wasn’t jealous of her. Why would I be? But she did set something off in my mind.. a little spark which I can’t seem to explain. She slowly enraged me. I wasn’t trying to defend myself from being humiliated. I was trying to defend my hobby. Writing.

‘A year or so later’ happened about four days ago. Today, when I was on the forums of NaNo, I found a thread for interactive novelling. I;ve always found interactive novels fascinating- and I loved reading them. I’d even tried writing one, but gave up- managing all the parts on different scraps of paper was just too beyond me. Well the creator of the thread said that she used a website called Inklewriter. I must say I was impressed after scouring through the website, and finally, I found.. Ms Motivation.

Now, though I do not intend to write an interactive novel next, it did somehow give me the key to a door in which which I unlocked- the room in which Ms Motivation had actually been locked inside…

Though I did finish my 2013 NaNo novel, I didn’t finish it.ย  The motivation to continue that is yet to be found, but I think my next project will be a fantasy novel- a bit of a change from realistic fiction which I tend to write. Who knows where everything will lead.. but at least I found Ms Motivation, and I’m hoping I won’t lose her for a while yet. Though it seems I’ve permenantly lost part of her. I’ve been meaning to finish/catch up with my travel diary for months now. Hopefully I’ll complete my goal of finishing it by February.

…And how to end this post? Why another short story of course.

..J has not heard of anything about this novel from T for the past few days. She’s finally calmed herself down, and told herself that let T be like that if she wants to. She was going to start writing another story and she didn’t care what T would think. She thought she probably overreacted a little. But still. She was writing again. The End. To this post but not to J writing.


11 thoughts on “Hidden Motivation

  1. Yay! That’s awesome, Kiwi! Absolutely awesome! About finding the motivation, that is, not about your friend….

    Also, I thought you should know, you really confused me to the pieces when your blog informed me that you wrote this post tomorrow. Hehe, oops, timezones still throw me off track…

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