Come As Your Character Day, Janaury 5th.

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It was the first CAYCD for this year- and great fun. and actually, the first CAYCD I have ever done properly. Because of timezones, I used to back off after a bit, so yeah well anyway. Well anyway, as I said, I had great fun being one of my characters, the one and only Frankie Roberts. Now, I haven’t actually included her in any of my novels, but I RP with her quite a bit, including in the famous roleplay ‘Decree’ by Wonder (Bean/Topaz) on NaNo.

Well a little information on Frankie:

  1. Full name: Francesca (Frankie) Eleanor Roberts
  2. She’s 15 years old
  3. Kind of in between tomboyish and girly. I mean she’s slanting toward tomboy, and people sometimes mistake her for one, but she does have her girly side.
  4. I kind of based her off two people I know, and adding a kind of twist in personality.
  5. As I said, even though she’s not part of a novel (yet) she would be in a realistic fiction novel, so no magic and such. In fact, I’m fairly sure that she would have a rather main roll in On the Edge of Faith’s sequel.
  6. And… that’s about it. Oh yeah, and you don’t want to pack a fight with Frankie.
  7. One more thing, her looks are like completely opposite to her personality. *nods* You would say that she was ‘pretty’ but she’s not snobby, but instead rowdy and hangs out with boys mainly (as friends).

I think Frankie got a little carried away at the worst of times, involving herself in fights (ending in draws, and wins. No losses), teasing other people’s characters and what’s not. Luckily I put in my signature that I was sorry for any rudeness from Frankie- thank goodness. Now the funny thing is, I let a side of Frankie run free, a side that even I, the author, has never ever seen. How odd.

I was mainly on ‘Conversations of NaNo Fruit’, ‘The Place Where We Chat’ and the CAYCD thread, though I did participate in most of my role plays, and went to CTT a couple of times. Frankie really played up at CTT, I might add.

It was a pretty good CAYCD  on the whole, though a fair amount of people did not participate, and there wasn’t over 100 people at the highest of times. (that I saw anyway), as it is/was still holiday season.

And this was the signature I made for it. Drum roll please….

caycdI’m pretty proud of it, kind of sad that I only got to use it for one day. But anyhow, one thing’s for sure, CAYCD will definitely see Frankie Roberts again- even if it’ll be a while. 😀


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