The New Year

It’s the new year, and while most are jumping around extremely excited about what’s ahead… to be honest I’m not feeling all the too great. I can’t seem to focus on anything. I can’t settle down to write, or even read. But I suppose not I am writing this, and it’s a start. No? But this seems like rambling and useless gibberish. And now, as I reflect on 2014, the only time (apart from school) that I’ve written anything half-decent and that I actually somewhat liked, was during November while writing my NaNo novel.

Sometimes, I just wish I was someone else. Go hide in a hole without having to think about a thing. But I can’t do that, so sometimes I have to force myself to do stuff. Some motivation. I’m forcing myself to write this post at the moment. You know, I don’t think I’ll be able to write anything this coming horrible year, not to mention anything good. And there goes Kiwi putting down the whole year ahead of her. Some way too start the year.

And I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve made myself start writing a diary journalish thing- like I do pretty much every odd year. It’s going okay, and I’ve managed to write in it every day this year… Oh right, haha it’s the 3rd of January.

Well, the other night I was lying in bed, and guess what inspiration bloomed in my mind? A possible sequel novel’s title. Now that may seem like good news or a good start or what’s not , but listen to me clearly here, I haven’t even finished writing the first book, or edited anything I’ve written or anything, and I think of the sequel’s title without even any idea what it will be about. Oh, I really am a funny person aren’t I?

Isn’t my rambling just enough to make you feel bad? I suppose no one has even bothered to read this far. Oh well hello Kiwi, nice talking to yourself. Nice weather today right, 2014 is sure acting up isn’t it? Oh well…

Kiwi tell yourself now, and any other kindred spirit who has read this far that you’ve set yourself a goal, no forced yourself into this goal: Post a Week. Yes to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be able to do post a day at all. And even if I do, they’ll be boring one liners. Right. Post a week.

And no, I’m not going to end this horribly pessimistic first post of the year with happy new year or something cheesy like that… I’m just going to end it. Well enough of this stupid never ending rambling. Let’s just hope that the year can only get better (mozzarella cheese), right?


7 thoughts on “The New Year

  1. Well, Kiwi, you’re making *me* seem awfully optimistic now! Actually, to be honest, I’ve had mixed feelings about 2014. On one hand, your first paragraph described me completely, aside from the last sentence. NaNoWriMo 2013 for me was definitely not my best.

    Aside from that… *hugs* I’m honestly not really sure what to say, other than that, but… I’m here for ya, ‘kay? Cheesy as that sounds or not.

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