Poll #6-actually nah

Alrighty. Coming right up is your poll for the week!

I really was going to post a really good post about unexpected twists and turns like I said yesterday. REALLY! It’s just It’s kind of late now, and I’ve got a big, tiring day tomorrow. I will though, make sure the first thing I do after I get home from school after I do my homework, will be to write this post. Oh, and I’m also doing a reading mileage at school, so I need to read a lot! Like I don’t do that anyway.

Hey, I just thought,.. Yep! I’m saving the poll for another day. Sorry. I wasn’t expecting to post what I am, and I only decided as I typed those words. :DThis is the stuff I need to get done tomorrow. It probably doesn’t intrerest you at all. It’s more of a NOTE TO SELF, YOU WROTE OUT WHAT YOU NEED TO DO THING.

1) Science Homework (due Friday, but get it done TODAY!)

2)ย  Post my Postaday. (which will hopefully be exciting)

3) Practice Piano

4) READ!

5) Go on NaNo


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