A Short Ramble

So, I’m feeling down, and it’s to do with a haircut. And no, not mine.

And now, I do not know what to say, because the above sentence sums everything up.

I’m sorry if I made you feel bad, which I probably have.

I’ll make sure to post something happier.

Note to self: Post about unexpected things, in stories and in life. Remember your little conversation with Shimmy!


8 thoughts on “A Short Ramble

  1. *tries to remember conversation*
    ….what was it again? *is going crazy from school, methinks*

    I hope you feel better, Kiwi (or, as I posted on NaNo, I’m calling you Lime now). Feeling down is definitely horrible.

    • *is also going crazy from school. Homework to be specific. Science homework to be even more specific*

      Thank you Shimmy, and yes I am indeed feeling better now.
      I haven’t been on NaNo, since what? Sunday! (It seems like my going on NaNo days are Friday and the weekend. Not even due to any limit, due to my hectic life!) So, okay, Lime! Sounds good to me.

  2. Ah, yes, science! I’m doing chemistry this year, and there’s already a lot of algebra in it and I’ve barely started! Gah, it’s slow.

    Yup, Lime. πŸ˜€

    Also, we’ve got a new NaNoer, and we’ve somehow managed to *not* scare her away. Heheh.

    • Science is something in which I call….’weirdly intriguing, but something that is not suitable for homework’ Ahh!

      A new NaNoer huh! Hehe. Lovely work. I’ve only managed to not scare away one NaNoer, Cherry. The rest kind of mysteriously disappeared after I talked to them…

      • Heheh, exactly.

        I think most of the new NaNoers who come on don’t go on the forums so much, but this time, she apparently tried out the forums immediately and liked them, so you’ll definitely see more of her. πŸ™‚

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