Maths Comp-Log Day 3 & a special note to Anora

Day 3! Let me full you in…

Wednesday 21st August, 9:27PM (Pacific Time)


-Currently 1st equal with two others in my region

-Currently 1st equal with 37 others in the country

-Currently at 15,000 points. (the highest number you can get from day 1 of the competition)


It’s been a long, long day. I’m tired. It’s past my normal school day bedtime.

A special note to Anora, if you happen to be reading this: Were you serious in your comment? I know you posted about feeling down, but… Please let it be a small joke. If you really meant tomorrow, I’m not even sure if after tonight, it would be already the next day in America. I don’t want to not even be able to farwell you. Please, please, please, let it just be a small prank us Wrimos occasionally play on each other.

Over, and out,



2 thoughts on “Maths Comp-Log Day 3 & a special note to Anora

  1. Love you, Kiwi. *hugs* But I’m sorry, it’s true. I’ll be off the forums, but you can contact me through Pm/email, as I said before. Bye, and good luck! I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

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