Tips for NaNoers

You know after NaNo, you feel so eager to write more and then can’t wait until the next NaNo to write more? maybe you don’t but that’s okay, just listen to me ramble on And then you never get around to editing your novel? And then time just drags….on…..and…..on….. Anyway, here’s some things that I’ve gathered that I think would help, and I know I certainly will be referring back to this post so I don’t forget!

1) Write your heart out in November well, duh! Sorry, stupid ‘tip’ I know

2) Don’t try editing it straight away. You don’t know it now, but really you’ve gotten to know your novel really well now, and you’ve kind of got ‘sick of’ it.

3) Take a break from novelling. It’s been a looonnng month. Don’t abandon writing completely though, and really if you want to start another novel, there’s no rules against it!

4) Do the two Camp NaNo’s throughout the year if you have time.

5) The next year’s NaNo’s looming, think about new ideas.

6) Repeat number 1

7) After a month or so, read through your last year’s novel, edit that.

8) Er, sorry no tip number 8. Repeat it if you wish. 😀

Hope this helped in one way or another *shrugs* It’s my opinion, and yeah. Probably not what a lot of people would title ‘helpful’ but I’m all cool with that!



9 thoughts on “Tips for NaNoers

  1. Agreed with #2 in particular; I recall Stephen King once saying that he leaves a project for at least 3 months before he begins to edit it.

    How long do you normally leave, out of interest?

  2. The first one, most definitely. And //definitely// yes for the second and third. I always take a break after I finish a draft, anywhere from two weeks to several months….I generally try to take a longer break, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. (Which is usually because I’m not actually bored of the novel yet…hehe.)

  3. If it’s something short, I’ll edit it right away, but if it’s longer, I will let it gather figurative dust until I find it among the many documents on the family computer.

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