Long or Short- Does it really matter?

I know a lot of people say that the quantity of a book doesn’t matter, it’s the quality that counts. But still, there’s people going to the library or book store and choosing the biggest and the most impressive looking book they see. And they don’t enjoy reading it at all, or in fact don’t read it at all. The reason they borrow or buy the book is simply to ‘show off’. obviously not succeeding very well though.

My point though for this post, is not however to talk about people that are like that. I just wanted to emphasize the old-you’ve-already-got-sick-of saying: Quantity doesn’t matter, it’s the quality that does. (or something like that anyway.) Believe me, I know that writing a short under fifty words full story is HARD. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! I’m not trying to say  600 page novels aren’t as good as a 200 word short story, it’s just that sometimes people underestimate the effort and work authors put into writing a good, entertaining, short story. A lot of authors don’t like writing short stories, and prefer to stick with novels, as they don’t like telling a story in such a short amount of time-it’s all fine.

So really, authors like writing different lengths and genres of novels/books/stories, and we should all like different ones too. remember what teachers teach you in the first year of school? About being special? *nods* So… yeah.

I’m sure this was a post that didn’t make much sense to anyone but me, but if you did read it, thank you. *bows* and leaves the stage. what? there is no stage? oh a red carpet is fine too. xD


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