Fractured Fairytales

Don’t stop reading this because it’s too long. Don’t stop reading this because you don’t like fairy tales. Read this because it’s good and worth the read.
((And I’m sorry for a reblog as a post today, but Lola’s written something incredibly good, and I’m still kinda lazy today))

Rainbow of Words

I have  a newfound love for writing fractured fairytales- Basically, your everyday Snow White or Cinderella story, but with a twist. Here’s one I just wrote, based on Sleeping Beauty, entitled Once Upon a Nightmare, along with the cover. It’s for an online writing contest. I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the summary:

Briar Rose, better known as “Sleeping Beauty” in the child’s tale based on her story, was kidnapped at birth by a young girl named Snow. There she lived happily, until she was informed of a dark mystery, basically murdered her parents, and was encased in a white prison. Now the only thing she can do is call for help… And you are the one she has chosen to rescue her kingdom from destruction.

Here’s the cover:

Look, I know you’ll all probably hate me for this. I know you’ll probably roll your eyes, wondering what…

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