Avid Readers Make Avid Writers

“Avid Readers Make Avid Writers”

It’s what many people often say. But when I hear this sentence/quote/saying I just kind of shrug. In real life I do the real ‘up, down, shoulder thing’ and online I’d go *shrugs*. This is my actual opinion. Don’t agree with me? That’s alright. Many people don’t agree with me for various reasons. You don’t have to carry on reading, but these are my points of justification on why:

1) First of all, I know a lot of people that read, and love reading. Some do it occasionally when they find a good book, while others would rather stick their nose in a book than do anything else. But when it comes to writing of any kind, it’s always a ‘frown, and a sigh’

2)The definition of ‘avid’ doesn’t mean ‘good at’, it means ‘shows enthusiasm’. If the word ‘avid’ did indeed mean ‘good at’ I wouldn’t be posting this, as I do know in real life experiences, even if someone is good at writing, they don’t particularly like it. does that even make sense? Anyway…

3)This isn’t really a point, but what I think the sentence/quote/saying really should be:  “Avid writers are avid readers” I mean it’s true isn’t is? Ask any Wrimo, and they’d be crazy about reading.

Anyway, thank you for listening well reading really on my opinion of the sentence/quote/saying: what is it really anyway? Avid Readers Make Avid Writers.

((Oh, and before I forget again, I apologise for not posting the answer to my ‘A Haiku Guess Who’ post, from like two days ago. I’m not sure how many of you read the haiku, and/or thought about what it might be but I got one answer from Shimmy: Maybe racing?I can tell you she’s basically half right. It was a race of some sort: Cross Country. Before you ask, it was 3km and horrible like any other cross country.))




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