NaNoers Speak Out on Hate

Ah, yes. My fellow Wrimo posted this about a thread I made.

Rainbow of Words

(From a thread by kiwiyoungwriter!)

“Hate: It’s a strong word. And strong words shouldn’t be used like any other words. In real life people say ‘hate’ like it’s any other normal word. On the internet, people do it too. Does anyone else agree that hate-it’s just too strong a word? I mean dislike sure. But hate- no one should really be going around hating stuff all the time. Especially not people.”-kiwiyoungwriter

“I agree. I never say that I “hate” a person. Escpecially not people I know. I may dislike the choices they make or the work they produce, but I believe everyone is a good person, and no matter how much I might dislike their actions, I don’t hate them. I would never want anyone to say they ‘hated’ me because they didn’t like my music or writing. I suppose people just use ‘hate’ as a shorter word to…

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