Write or Die

Before, I haven’t really given write or die much of a thought, but after thoroughly experimenting with it, it seemed like a really helpful website that could help you win NaNo.

The thing is, it may not suit some people. So remember…

1. For a lot of people, working under a time/pressure restraint is like a threat. You don’t want to make yourself write so much, that you start disliking it, as to the consequences it gives you for not writing, (exactly what write or die does.) So don’t force yourself if you’ve tried, and it doesn’t fit you. But I recommend don’t underestimate an 11 year old girls’ recommendation.  trying-I mean you never know.

2. Also, you might find yourself liking it at first, but the second time you try, it get’s old. So another thing I recommend, is don’t do write or die every time you write. Do it when it’s your only way to win NaNo. Do it when there is no other way round.

3. I think, that’s all. So, I’ll just post the link for write or die.And before you ask, no there is a free internet version. 😀


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