Writer’s Quotes

So, for today’s post, I present to you, some new writing quotes I have found and love!

Before I get onto the quotes, I must say, out of all the authors that said these, I only know of Mark Twain. *facepalm*

“It is better to write a bad first draft than to write no first draft at all.”  –Will Shetterly  ((Ah, how very true. To all those out there who sometimes ask themselves, “Is this even good?” Stop it now, and go write, just like the quote said, bad is better than none. And I’m sure it’s not truly bad at all. :D))

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and lightening bug. —  Mark Twain ((Choosing the right word, huh! Well, I know for one I can often sit for 10 minutes thinking about that perfect word, then end up changing it in the end.))

“As to the adjective: when in doubt, strike it out.”  –Mark Twain ((Good old adjectives. Pop in way too often then we really need them to, and bore the wits out of all readers. I reckon striking it out’s a pretty good idea.))

“The most important advice I would suggest to beginning writers: Try to leave out the parts that readers skip.”– Elmore Leonard ((Too true indeed.))

Oh, and this is the website I found them on. There’s also quite a few more! http://www.cprofiri.com/content/blogcategory/7/6/

I also have posted these quotes on my quotes and sayings page.


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