Midnight Motivation

Ah, motivation. It’s the wondrous thing that leads us all to write. We all love it most of the time. So, when do we dislike it? hate, is just too strong a word. It should only be used on writers block 😀. Well. I experienced a dislike of motivation in the middle of the night, yesterday. I wake from scratching my eczema on my hands, to find I had a sudden urge to write. I mean, I couldn’t just get up, open the computer, and write! It was 12:30 midnight after all. And it was Sunday night, which meant school tomorrow. Therefore, I had to fight motivation. No, not writer’s block this time. I had to be the baddie, fighting the goody.

So, I was thinking then there, at least I’d still be motivated in the morning, Too bad I was wrong, Motivation disappears, and my long running case of procrastination comes along. And, no, I didn’t go on the Nano  forums and procrastinate. Instead, I just read. Ugh, going off topic here.

But anyway, my point is, why, why, why can I not get motivation at the right time of the day?!


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