Boredom & Tiredness

Boredom and tiredness. They are the master of taking over your minds, in good ways and bad ways. Yes, well all know the bad ways.

1) We procrastinate from what we should be doing: for example our writing, and anything else really!

2) We end up doing something completely different to what you were supposed to.  E.G.: If you were bored you might end up going on NaNo. If you were tired you would end up sleeping.

3) Throw tantrums at yourself and others. 😀

Those are the main bad effects on being bored and tired. But the good, you ask? Well. Boredom can lead to daydreams. And what does daydreaming lead to? New ideas! New, lovely, inviting, magical ideas for novel writing, writing, art, and anything else that could use an extra hint of inspiration! Same goes with being tired. You’ll probably fall asleep. And then you dream up crazy, ridiculous things that eventually fill in your plot holes.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? It does for me too.

But maybe, just maybe, it could lead you to your next successful novel.


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