NaNoWriMo-Procrastination Wonderland

NaNo’s Top 5 Distractions (listed in no particular order):

1) Everyone on is amazing, and you want to join in on the conversation.

2) The Games & Silliness part can get you rather distracted

3) Recess brings you wonderful entertainment, and you can chat to like minded people.

4) You see amazing siggies, covers and banners being made in Art Class, and want one for yourself.

5) You can get away from what you need to do. 😀


Oh, and special thanks to Shimmy, who gave me this suggestion! Check her blog out here: http://magicandwriting.wordpress.com/

And this is her art blog: http://charcoalgraphiteanderasers.wordpress.com/


9 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo-Procrastination Wonderland

  1. If my awesome NaNo family weren’t on, then I wouldn’t be on! xD You’re all present right here! *high-fives sisters and triplet 1* XD

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