So, I’m running out of ideas.

For what to write about each day. I just end up procrastinating on the Nano forums. Please comment and tell me what you would most like me to write about, or some post suggestions!

Maybe more writing? Novel excerpts? Poetry? My bad photos? Writing tips?

And yes, this is my post for today. πŸ˜€


17 thoughts on “So, I’m running out of ideas.

  1. Mmm………I’m doing the same thing with my camp novel. Yay NaNo! Bad distractions!

    Hehe. Maybe…..hmm. Maybe you could write about some of the distractions NaNo has? πŸ™‚ Or maybe……writing tips? I’m not honestly sure…

  2. Oh! I know what you can post about! Interesting conversations on NaNo. xD I’m random. Or… hm… What I like to read is random fun stuff… I dunno, I’m bored. OOH! A LISTOF THINGS TO DO WHEN YOUR BORED!

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