Photos From A Trampoline

Before you skip straight to looking at these photos (I know, even I do it sometimes) and finding them ever  so bad, please let me explain why I took them! So it’s almost the end of the day and I was thinking what I should do for today’s post. Then, when I was lying on the trampoline saw the tree from the neighbour’s house in the sky… and oh my. It was a beautiful sight.

Now, I’ve always liked taking photos, but I’ve never loved it, and I’ve never really been good at it, so I don’t really do it as a hobby. But today, wow, I just had to capture the afternoon sky. And I had to do it from the perspective of lying on the trampoline. 😀

And so… here they are:

This was actually the sight that got me inspired.


Tree Branches.


More branches.


This is actually a zoomed in view of photo 1.


And a zoomed in view of a cloud


Simply couldn’t resist!




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