Writer’s Inspiration & Motivation

As writers, we all talk about having some sort of inspiration to write, especially novel writing. Whether it was from a weird dream, or a funny newspaper article, it all does the same thing: spark our inspiration, and therefore motivate us to write. But what happens when your inspiration comes to an end, and you no longer have the motivation to write something planned from long ago? You give up, or leave your writing until you get back your original inspiration and motivation. But we don’t really want our motivation to write to run out do we? Indeed we don’t.

Writer’s block is a common lead to blocked motivation. (Writer’s block, get it?) Everyone gets writer’s block some point in time. What helps me the best to overcome Mr Evil W-B, is:

1) Yes, leaving my writing aside for a bit.

2) Thinking up new ideas for the writing I abandoned (mainly just in my mind)

3) Writing something else! It could be another piece of writing of the same type, or completely different!

4) Read, read, read. Isn’t that where out first motivation to write came from anyway?

Also something I’ve learnt from previous experience: Don’t force yourself to write when you have writer’s block, unless you’re 100% sure it will help you. When I did this, it just made matters worse. Also, same goes for Mr Evil W-B’s twin sister, Miss Mean E-B. aka. Editor’s block.

I hope this helped a bit!




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