Daftness (A Poem)

I find you annoying at times,

You act all cheesy other times,

You always get into my way,

So I can’t seem to realise,

That I don’t actually ‘dislike’ you,

I can’t believe,

It takes such an accident,

Of blood and scraped knees,

For me to see,

That you’re cute and loveable,

I don’t want to harm you,

Your little fragile being face planting onto concrete,

It’s enough to bare for a while,

No, I don’t want the replay again in my mind,

You crashing down,

And it’s all because of my daftness.

((A poem I wrote, inspired by a little accident that happened yesterday. Don’t worry, it’s not a biggy. As you might know I’m not very good at writing poems, so yeah. :D))

Oh, and by the way, does anyone know how you can unfollow a deleted blog? Thank you.


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